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Barkat Ali Khan, B.Sc, M.Phil, PhD,

Barkat Ali Khan is a Senior Lecturer of Pharmaceutics with interest in the Pharmacokinetics of ingredient responsible for skin rejuvenation, Formulation development of polyphenolic emulsionsPermeability studies, and Polyelectrolytes/polyplex based nanoparticles in drug delivery technology at the Department of Pharmaceutics, Faculty of Pharmacy, Gomal University, Dera Ismail Khan Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan.  His postgraduate training was at The Islamia University of Bahawalpur while his undergraduate training was ta Gomal University,

Barkat Ali Khan is an editor of the Special Journal of Pharmacy, Pharmacology and Herbal Research [SJ-PPH]

As one of the Editors, Special Journal of Pharmacology, Barkat Ali Khan provides the following responsibilities  

  1. the fast and transparent peer review process
  2. Providing the final judgment on the articles
  3. The editor should remember the policy of fast and effective peer review and further  process,
  4. responsible for any query regarding reconsideration of
  5. selecting potential reviewers
  6. responsibility to contact selected reviewers
  7. convey the expectations of the journal to the reviewers
  8. The editor should keep in mind the time required for reviewing articles
  9. If any special issue proposal is submitted to
  10. Allow for the timely topics and suggest potential guest Editors
  11. Editors should ensure the smooth functioning of the whole process in
  12. Editors should provide time to time input regarding the targeted readers’ Editors should comply with the guidelines and protocols provided by the publishing house.


Selected Publications

  • Tariq Mahmood, Naveed Akhtar, Barkat Ali Khan, Haji M Shoaib Khan, Tariq Saeed. Outcomes of 3% Green Tea Emulsion on Skin Sebum Production in Male Volunteers. Bosnian Journal of Basic Med Sc. 2010, 10(3): 260-264.
  • Tariq Mahmood, Naveed Akhtar, Barkat Ali Khan, Mahmood Ahmad, Haji M Shoaib Khan, Shahiq Uz Zaman. Applications of a Stable Green Tea Extract Cream on Human Cheeks. International Journal of Academic Research. 2010, 2(2): 121-126.
  • Naveed Akhtar, Masood Anwar, Barkat Ali Khan, Tariq Mahmood, Shahiq-Uz-Zaman. Formulation Development and Pharmaceutical Evaluation of a W/O Emulsion of Coleus Extract. Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Education 2011, 45 (3) 236-241.
  • Rasul A, Akhtar N, Khan BA, Mahmood T, Uz Zaman S, Shoaib Khan HM: Formulation development of a cream containing fennel extract: in vivo evaluation for anti-aging effects. . DiePharmazie. 2012, 67 (1), 54-58
  • Naveed Akhtar, Ali B. Khan, Said Muhammad, Mahmood Ahmed, Haji M. Shoaib Khan, Fatima Rasool and Tariq Saeed. Formulation and Characterization of a Cream Containing Terminalia Chebula Extract. Forschende Komplementärmedizin. 2012, 19(1), 20-25
  • B Nasir, SNH Shah, G Murtaza, N Shahid, M Akhtar, BA Khan, S Azhar, A Mumtaz, A Waseem, SA Khan, M Ubaid, S Noreen. New HPLC method for the determination of artemether in injections. Scientific Research and Essays. 2012, 7(10), 1165-1168.
  • Tariq Mahmood, Naveed Akhtar and Barkat Ali Khan. Herbs as alternate in treating acne. LETTER TO THE EDITOR. Bratislava Medical Journal. 2012, 113 (2), 125-125.
  • Tariq Mahmood, Naveed Akhtar, Barkat Ali Khan, Haji Muhammad Shoaib Khan. Changes in Skin Mechanical Properties after Long-Term Application of Grean Tea Extract Containing Cream. Aging Clinical and Exp Research. 2011, 23 (5), 333-336.
  • Haroon Khan, M. Farid Khan, Barkat Ali Khan, Ghulam Razaque, Naheed Haque, Basira Akhter, Bakht Zareen. Evaluation of the Interaction of Aluminium Metal with Glutathione in Human Blood Components. Biomed Research. 2012, 23 (2), 237-240.
  • Zia-ul-Haq M, Khan BA, Landa P, Kutil Z, Ahmed S, Qayum M, Ahmad S. Platelet Aggregation and Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Garden Pea, Desi Chickpea and Kabuli Chickpea. Acta Poloniea Pharmaceutica Drug Research. 2012, 69(4), 707-11.
  • Barkat Ali Khan, Naveed Akhtar. Whitening efficacy of plant extracts including Hippophae rhamnoides and Cassia fistula extracts on the skin of Asian patients with melasma. Postep Derm Alergol. 2013, 4, 312-317.
  • Barkat Ali Khan, Naveed Akhtar, Haroon Khan, Valdir de Andrade Braga. Development, characterization and antioxidant activity of polysorbate based O/W emulsion containing polyphenols derived from Hippophae rhamnoides and Cassia fistula. Brazilian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. 49(4); 763-773: 2013.
  • Arfa Sharif, Naveed Akhtar, Muhammad Shoaib Khan, Bouzid Menaa, Barkat Ali Khan and Farid Menaa. Development and Optimization of Dimethicone-based Cream Containing Muscat Hamburg Grape Extract: In-vitro J Pharma Care Health Sys. 1(1): 107-112. 2014.
  • Haroon Khan, Mohammad Farid Khan, Barkat Ali Khan. Coordination of Silver Sulfadiazine with Glutathione in Aqueous Medium. Pharmaceutical Chemistry Journal. 48(4); 269-272: 2014.
  • Barkat Ali Khan, Naveed Akhtar. Clinical and sebumetric evaluation of topical emulsions in the treatment of acne vulgaris. Postepy Dermatology and Alergology. 4; 229–234: 2014.
  • Maria S. França-Silva, Camille M. Balarini, Josiane C. Cruz, Barkat A. Khan, Pabulo H. Rampelotto and Valdir A. Braga. Organic Nitrates: Past, Present and Future. Molecules 19(9); 15314-15323: 2014.
  • Irfan Pervaiza, Saeed Ahmad, Barkat Ali Khan. Fungal biotransformation of ezetimibe. Biotechnology & Biotechnological Equipment. 28(5); 934-940: 2014.
  • Sharif, N. Akhtar, M. S. Khan, A. Menaa, B. Menaa, B. A. Khan and F. Menaa. Formulation and evaluation on human skin of a water-in-oil emulsion containing Muscat hamburg black grape seed extract. International Journal of Cosmetic Science. DOI: 10.1111/ics.12184. 2014.
  • IMRAN, M.F. KHAN, H. KHAN, B.A. KHAN, A. RASUL3, A. FARID and N. ULLAH. Spectrophotometric Study of the Bio-coordination Chemistry of Strontium Nitrate and Glutathione. Asian Journal of Chemistry; 25(7); 3569-3572: 2013.
  • AZARI, A. SIAMI, M.A. EBRAHIMZADEH and B.A. KHAN Antioxidant’s activity of extracts from sambucus nigra, efficiency of different extraction methods. Latin American Applied Research. 2014.
  • MK Waqas, N Akhtar, A Rasul, SU Rashid, R Mustafa, BA Khan and G Murtaza. In-vivo Evaluation of a Cosmetic Emulsion Containing Soybean Extract for Anti-Aging. Tropical J of Pharm Research. 13(9): 1401-1406; 2014.
  • Akhtar, N. Shamshad Malik, B. A. Khan, Gulfishan, H. M. S. Khan Lactic Acid Cream: A Novel Approach to Study the Effects on Skin Aging of Healthy Human Volunteers. SOFW Journal 3-2014.
  • Skin Lightening and Sebum Control Efficacy of a Cosmetic Emulsion Containing Extract of Tamarind Seeds on Asian Skin Type. Latin American Journal of Pharmacy. 34 (3): 570-5; 2015.
  • Sattar Bakhsh, Gul Majid Khan, Farid Menaa and Barkat Ali Khan. Pharmacokinetic Evaluation of Ibuprofen Controlled Release Matrix Tablets Using Hydrophilic Eudragit® Polymer and Co-Excipients. Pak Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. 28(5):1745-1755; 2015.
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