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Call for Papers: Special Journal of Herbal Research

Call For Papers

Call for Papers: Special Journal of Herbal Research


In this call for papers, we invite you to submit your papers for publication in the maiden edition of the Special Journal of Food and Nutrition. Papers will be accepted till the end of November because the Special Journal of Biochemistry Publishes tow editions in a year.

The advantage of this call for papers is that all papers accepted for publication will be published online on rolling bases until the period elapses in line with online publishing and different from print publishing that waits till the end of the period before publishing the volume.

In this call for papers, the first ten manuscripts to be accepted in this call for papers will receive 95% of the regular US$ 250 off discount to get the papers published.  Paper types include but not limited to – research papers, short communication, and letters to editors, reviews, meta-analysis, case reports, book chapters, book reviews, and many others. Submit your paper here…

What We Publish


This call for papers, for the special journal of Herbal Research is based on the fact that the imported essential chemical we use as drugs that interact with proteins in the body to affect a physiological function has failed in more times than they have succeeded. Treatment failure with imported drugs continues to poss challenges to both healthcare providers and healthcare seekers.

Special Journal Journal of Herbal Research, therefore, has the principal mandate of accepting for review and publication all original and previously unpublished researches on the effectiveness of local drug alternatives to imported drugs that will be available, cheap, effective, and with effective sensitivity and specificity comparable to their expensive resistant imported counterpart.

General scope

This call for papers,, therefore, welcome studies that expand our understanding of local alternative drugs and the effects they have on living animals, plant and humans. We want details on what the local drugs or herbs do to body functions and what the body does to them. We will also accept for consideration manuscripts that deal with local alternative drugs’ side effects on humans and different varieties of such side effects in different people.

To be more specific, we are particularly interested in manuscripts that deal with

  • local alternative drugs dosing algorithms and expert systems for individualized local drug therapy,
  • provide modified local drug dosing endorsements to children,
  • allow patients treatment with the least amount of side effects and
  • design new methods on for how we study the effects of local drugs in children

Pharmacodynamics scope 

In this call for papers, want papers that re-defines the therapeutic effect on the body obtained once a drug is taken into the body and the local alternative drugs are bound to a protein. This may include but not limited to

  • Contraception;
  • Infection
  • Cancer,
  • Pain,
  • Respiratory diseases and
  • Obesity, among others.

We want papers that study the measurement of therapeutic drug effects in relation to drug evaluation and the development of more sophisticated techniques for studying drug-receptor interactions in vivo and in vitro  

Pharmacokinetics scope

In this call for papers, we want papers that deal with

  • drug delivery strategies,
  • absorption,
  • biotransformation,
  • bioavailability, and
  • distribution,
  • the excretion of the drug from the body and
  • determinants of drug kinetics.

Research may include kinetic studies during single and multiple dosing, drug concentration/ effect studies, and the role of active metabolites in drug action. Central to this research is inter distinct variability in pharmacokinetics,  

Drug idiosyncrasy

In this call for papers, we want papers that deal with the same end result and the same side effects produced by a drug and why the amount of these effects will be different even in the same experimental condition.  It is known this variation is due mostly to differences in pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics between

  • ethnicity,
  • age,
  • genetic makeup,
  • pregnancy,
  • breastfeeding,
  • children and
  • disease state,

However, the magnitude and sometimes the overlapping difference in diversity of distribution in diverse geographical settings is not completely understood thereby raising a debate in trying to resolve these issues. We want a paper that specifically seeks to resolve these issues.

In this call for papers, We want papers on human genetics which may shed new light on the occurrence of rare, severe adverse drug reactions, and provide a scientific basis for safer and more effective clinical use of herbal drugs

Drug evaluation and therapeutic

In this call for papers, We want papers on drug evaluation and therapeutic trials aiming at defining the possible benefits and hazards of new drugs. These requirements relate to the precision with which true differences between new and old drugs can be established in terms of therapeutic efficacy and safety in the least number of patients.

In this call for papers, We want papers that deals with the design of clinical trial protocols by which the mechanisms of action of the drugs and the reasons for variability of their effects may be thoroughly studied  


We will accept for review and publication papers on pharmacogenomics showing how genes affect a person’s response to local drugs effectively combing pharmacology (the science of drugs) and genomics (the study of genes and their functions) to develop effective, safe medications and doses that will be tailored to a person’s genetic makeup.

We want studies that deal with Conditions that affect a person’s response to certain drugs such as

Scope page of Special Jornal of Herbal Research deals with what the coverage is and may include a wide range of topics that makes better the living condition and life expectancies of the general public. It is the authors’ responsibility to show the reason why their manuscript must be published while it is the publisher’s duty to show the reason why the general public must read manuscripts published. For maximum stakeholders impact, the scope of the Special Journal of Herbal Research may include but limited to manuscripts that:

Herbal drug-related community health challenges

  1. Observes’ health position to find an answer to herbal drug-related community health challenges
  2. Detects and examines herbal drug-related health challenges and threats.
  3. Teaches, people about herbal drug-related health matters.
  4. Muster’s community partnerships and actions to identify and solve herbal drug-related health problems.
  5. Develops policies and plans that support individual and community herbal drug-related health efforts.
  6. Enforces laws and regulations that protect herbal drug-related health and ensure safety.
  7. Assures competent public and personal herbal drug-related health care workforce.
  8. Assesses efficiency, approachability, and quality of individual and population-based herbal drug-related health services.
  9. Studies for new understandings and original solutions to herbal drug-related health challenges
  10. Many more????

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